Pieter Huycke

pieterHIn this Ph.D. project, we aim to take a fresh perspective that emphasizes the study of memory, in its natural dynamic setting, as a journey in the making. The two key characters in this journey are learning and consolidation: both processes are known to interact but have hitherto been studied in isolation. The perspective of this project enables them to be understood, for the first time, under the influence of their inherent interactions, and in the context of brain maturation and aging. The project aims to provide new insight into how much our ability to learn is dictated by the makeup of our neuronal circuitries, how memories are initially formed and later stored for the long haul, how this is made possible by the rewiring of our neuronal circuitries, and how our memory processes and capacities vary as our brain evolves through its lifespan. Additionally, we develop novel methodologies to address these aims by harnessing recent advances in experimental techniques (behavioural, neurophysiological, and neuroimaging) and computational modelling.

You can find me on GitHub: there, I have some repositories focusing on Python, mainly to solve challenges and riddles I’ve found across the internet. Additionally, I’m always up for a small challenge on codewars (at this moment (June 2018) only Python, but who knows what the future brings…). You can find (and challenge) me by following this link. Apart from playing around with computers, I also enjoy running and gaming (mainly replaying the ‘Mass Effect’ trilogy and ‘The Witcher 3’). When there is some time left, I attempt to make something grow in the garden.

You can contact me at Pieter.Huycke (at) ugent.be.