Cristian Buc Calderon

Photo_CrisMy research focuses in investigating how brain systems interact to allow for efficient goal-directed behavior. To that aim, I focus on the temporal dynamics of brain processes subtending human decision-making. For instance, we have previously shown that future outcomes are progressively unraveled during the decision process. Currently, I focus on whether humans develop specific strategies when scanning their “decision tree” environment. Do they incorporate the entire tree information simultaneously? Or do they rather scan the tree in a forward or backward fashion in order to make their choice? I was recently granted a post-doc FWO fellow for a project named: The Value of Time: A neurocomputational model of action sequences. Together with Tom Verguts and Michael Frank we aim at investigating how time and motor representations interact in order for humans to learn to produce time-dependent sequences of actions.

You can contact me at Cristian.BucCalderon (at)